About NaradMuni

NaradMuni is a civic engagement platform that runs opinion polls on the parliament bills and key societal issues. It is a participatory and community-driven news media that is resilient to Fake News and Editorial Bias. 

The power of collective wisdom:

When a large number of people come together to share their opinions and discuss, a shared consensus is formed. Assuming that on an average people are good, sane, and wise, their aggregate opinion averages-out the bad, insane, and the unwise. Hence, the collective wisdom is capable of making better decisions than a few “representatives”. We aim to bring such collective wisdom to the nation’s decision making. 

Fighting the fake and biased news:

Today, news consumption is plagued by issues such as fake-news and editorial bias. Manufactured facts, and tainted opinions are the root causes of such issues. Every news article that mixes facts with opinions adds to the larger issue. We believe in separating the facts from opinions; while facts presented are cited with verifiable sources, the opinions are voted on by the community. So the net result is the picture that is painted by thousands of readers and not by one editor. This is the application of collective wisdom to fight the fake news epidemic. 

NaradMuni app lets you:

  1. Understand parliamentary bills easily
  2. Vote on bills and issues
  3. Analyze opinions and votes
  4. Keep track of your general knowledge
  5. Share your thought leadership
  6. Follow your fellow citizen influencers

Why should you vote on NaradMuni?

  1. Shape the Society’s thinking
  2. Make your opinions count
  3. Influence decision making 
  4. Validate your societal-assumptions 
  5. Build your general knowledge

NaradMuni is designed for a busy lifestyle; within a few minutes, you can consume hours of research. Simply glance at our info cards:

  1. 60-word summaries
  2. Background and basics
  3. Key stats
  4. Key incidents (historic context)
  5. What is the media saying?

Traditional News versus NaradMuni:

Traditional NewsNaradMuni
Focus on the “Masala”Focus on the “Meat”
Editors’ opinions winReaders’ opinions win
Passively consume what is presentedActively participate by voting
One-way broadcast: from the source to youYou both consume and contribute to the collective wisdom
Cannot know what others thinkDetailed analysis of the voting stats
Verbose Articles60-word summaries
Unstructured TextInfo-cards and Infographics