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At, our objective is to publish unbiased, focused and clear articles to our readership. Each published article goes through multiple review phases to achieve this objective. At each stage of the review process, we keep ourselves in the shoes of our ideal reader to get to final versions of all published articles. The following are various review stages we follow.

Diet review

  • We make sure that overall content is “as it is” decoding of parliamentary
  • We make sure that our writers are not putting their emotions or opinions into content but only keep the facts, published statements and premises.
  • We also make sure that content is vetted free of bias and opinions and is clear.

Official Opposition

  • We are explicitly considering & publishing parliamentary opinions of official opposition leaders.

K-I-S-S review

  • We verify whether the article follows the rule of KISS = Keep It Simple & Short.
  • We write short, declarative sentences and omit all unnecessary words or jargons.

W5H review

  • Our writers think like readers.
  • We make sure that an article is answering all the potential Whats, Whos, Whys, Wheres, Whens & How

Richie Rich review

  • We make sure our headings & bullet points are rich.
  • Our headlines are as descriptive as possible.

Focused review

  • We verify the scope of over-all content and its focus.
  • We make sure that required scope has been covered.
  • We also make sure that we are not adding anything out-of-the-scope.

First blush review

  • We write an optimized first paragraph using the same keywords used in our headlines.
  • We state our point right away rather than leading into it.
  • We use clear keywords in the opening statement of the first paragraph, and then summarize them again before we conclude our article.
  • We always close the articles by asking readers for their comments and feedback.

Targeted review

  • Our targeted audience is 16 years old & above.
  • We make sure that our content is friendly to the targeted audience.

Over-the-shoulder review

  • We focus on typos and grammatical errors.
  • We also make sure that our content is readable as well as understandable to a common person.


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