Know The Team

Kartik Kulkarni


Kartik Kulkarni leads the Database Transactions Technology Group at Oracle Corporation, Redwood City, California. He is an inventor on 14 US patents, including granted and pending, in the fields of distributed databases, and blockchain transactions. Kartik did his M.S from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He completed his B.E from B.V.Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering, Hubli, India where he was awarded the Best Outgoing Student and the TCS Gold Medal. Kartik was the Chairman of the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee 2019-2020, the strategic, global arm that manages IEEE’s portfolio of programs and multi-million dollar project investments that leverage the worldwide membership in advancing technology solutions for sustainable development. In 2020, Kartik led the IEEE member-driven COVID-response by supporting 101 projects in 20+ countries.

Kartik believes that healthy debates are essential for a healthy democracy. He co-founded NaradMuni with the goal of creating a platform where people can make informed stances on various societal issues by exercising logic, separating opinions from facts, and respectfully agreeing to disagree with fellow citizens from different ideologies. Ultimately, he envisions a democracy where people attempt to unify the diverse schools of thought and find the best of all the worlds rather than the one where they chronically engage in polarizing rhetorics.

Chandan Nagaraja


Chandan Nagaraja is an Entrepreneur in Bengaluru, India. He founded an e-Commerce company doing online business across India, USA and UK. He completed Mechanical Engineering from R.V. College of Engineering (RVCE), Bengaluru. Chandan did his Masters in Automotive Engineering from University of Applied Science (TH Ingolstadt), Ingolstadt, Germany. He worked as a technical researcher for 6 years in Germany. He is permanent trustee in a not-for-profit organization in Bengaluru working with the aim of reaching out to underprivileged people in the field of education and other social activities. He loves to travel, exploring new places, meeting people with different backgrounds and experiencing various cultural diversity in Europe and across the world.

Chandan believes democracy consists of much more than elections and laws. A healthy democracy has three layers of institutions, top layer is constitutional institutions (parliaments, courts etc) and bottom layer of institutions is the public space and the media. The middle layer institutions are spaces where citizens with diverse views can listen to each other, and understand the whole system of which they are only part of without being divided along ideological and partisan lines. Chandan co-founded NaradMuni and envisioned a civic engagement platform to strengthen this middle layer of institutions for non-partisan deliberation amongst concerned citizens to create innovative-practical-productive debate to become India’s valuable contribution to the history of democracy’s evolution.

Devashree Ranashing

Devashree is Senior Quality Engineer & oversees Automation Testing in Mphasis Technology for First Republic Bank. She has nearly eight years of experience in the online banking industry & information technology industry.
She holds a Diploma in Information Technology from Government Polytechnic Pune, a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Maharashtra Institute of Technology College of Engineering Kothrud-Pune, and a Master of Technology in Software Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology Pilani.
Devashree believes that active citizen participation is critical to the success of democracy. She believes that every person's fundamental human rights should be safeguarded. Her theory is that duty comes before rights, and that anyone can protect the rights of all other living beings simply by carrying out their own duties

Sarika Moghe

(Content Creator, Editor, Social Media Marketer)

Sarika Moghe is a Content Creator, Writer, Editor and Social Media Marketer with diverse expertise across education, healthcare and media industries. Her ultimate aim is to make a difference in the life of others for a better tomorrow.

Sarika is extremely passionate about travelling and leading a cause for the social health and mental well-being of society. An avid traveller, aptly captures her travel diary & helps many travel enthusiasts with quick travel hacks. Her long association with Yoga Prana Vidya has carved her niche in the field of meditation & energy healing as a life coach. As a Zentangle artist her creative side ushers in meditative art with infinite textures.

Post her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Sarika has worked extensively with leading media houses for 10+ years and carries rich corporate experience as Research and Marketing Professional.

Being extremely inquisitive towards the Indian economy and political system, she strongly believes that if every person does his/her job with sincerity and self-discipline, our country will reach great heights.