Arms Amendment Bill

The Arms (Amendment) Bill, 2019


Introduced by

Amit Shah

Minister of Home Affairs


The bill proposes to amend exiting arms act by prohibiting individuals possessing more than one license firearm with an aim to curb crimes (like murder, smuggling) committed using illegal weapons.




Salient Points ()

The Bill states to reduce the number of licensed firearms from three to one allowed per person

Increase punishment for certain offences under the Act.

  • 7-14 years (from 5-10 years) for acquisition, possession or carrying of prohibited ammunition without a license. 

The bill bans the use, transfer, conversion, testing, proofing, manufacture or sale of firearms without a license and prohibits the shortening of firearm barrel

The duration of the validity of a firearm licensed from three years to five years.


Background Basics ()

There has been increasing number of  incidents like murders, extortion etc using illegal weapons. 

Increasing murder cases in last couple of years

  • 48 - murders in Rajasthan
  • 23 - murders in Punjab


Act 1959Amendment Bill 2019
The act allowed a person to obtain a license for up to three firearms. The Bill reduced possession of firearms to one
Punishment of 5-10 years acquisition, possession or carrying of prohibited ammunition without a license. Punishment increased s to 7-14 years for holding illegal firearms
Practice allowed only on point 22 bore rifles or air rifles. Exceptions provided to sports person for using any firearms for target practice


Key Stats ()

Total gun licenses in the country

35 lakhs
13 Lakh – UP, 3.6 Lakh – J & K, 3.7 Lakh - Punjab

Illegal ammunition seized by security forces


Illegal found by security forces


Punishment term for non compliance

2 years and 1 Lakh

Excess firearms to be delicensed

90 days

Punishment for illegal arms if convicted

7-14 years


29 Nov 2019
09 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019

WHY (as per the govt)

Salient Points ()

To control the use and possession of weapons in the country for safety and security.

To reduce their rash and illegal usage, which can endanger another human being.

To bring stringent punishment for people involved in illegal manufacturing of arms

To ensure easier provisions for people with licensed arms.


Media Saying ()


Videos ()


A person can posses only one firearm (incl personnel from military) except licensed firearms dealers. This includes license given on inheritance or heirloom basis.


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