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The Essential Defense Services, 2021


Introduced by

Mr Rajnath Singh

Minister of State for Defense


The bill empowers the central government to prohibit strike, lock-outs and lay-offs in essential defense services and provide disciplinary actions against people involved or who instigated for any of the such events. 


Salient Points ()

Empower central government

The bill empowers the central government to prohibit strike, lock-outs lay-offs in essential defense services.

Disciplinary Action

  • The bill also provides for disciplinary action, including dismissal, against employees participating in strike. 
  • It provides for penalties for illegal strikes and instigation

Offense and Punishment

  • It allows the dismissal of employees participating in illegal strikes.
  • And can penalize with upto one year of imprisonment.


Cognizable and Non Bailable

All offences under this bill would be cognizable and non-bailable.

Prohibits refusal to do overtime

The bill prohibits workers to refuse to work overtime  as it falls under essential defense services.


  • Indian Ordnance Factories is the oldest set which works under Ministry of Defense  (Department of Defense production)
  • These factories plays an integrated role for production of defense hardware and equipment.
  • The government decided to convert this factory 100% as government-owned corporate entity.
  • This decision was not acceptable by federation employees and gave a notice for indefinite strike.
  • Later the government decided to convert the Ordnance Factory Board into seven Defense Public Sector Undertakings.
  • On this there was a huge retaliation from federation of employees and intended to go on indefinite strike.

The Ordnance factories comes under essential services, as regular and uninterrupted supply of ordinance items are required by armed forces for countries defense services.

Hence, the government felt necessary to have certain power to meet emergency situations like strike etc . especially in the ongoing situation in the northern front.


Key Stats ()

# of people working in ordnance factories


# of ordnance factories in India



22 Jul 2021
03 Aug 2021

WHY (as per the govt)

Salient Points ()

The bill would improve the efficiency and accountability of these factories.

The armed forces needs uninterrupted ordnance services to maintain defense preparedness of the country.

This would help in preventing unnecessary strikes from employees.

WHY NOT (as per opposition)

Salient Points ()

The bill prohibits workers legitimates right to strike under Indian industrial laws and the ILO conventions.

RSP’s NK Premchandran

Why is this bill introduced when the house is not in order?



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Indian Ordnance Factory is an integrated base for production of defense hardware and equipment.

The factories primary objective is to become self-reliant in equipping the armed forces with the state-of-the-art battlefield equipment.

Any service or establishment/undertaking dealing with production of goods or equipment required for any purpose connected with defense, the armed forces of the Union or in any other establishment or installation connected with defense falls under essential defense services.


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The Essential Defense Services, 2021

Guns, Ordnance

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The Essential Defense Services, 2021

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