anti doping in sports

The National Anti-Doping Bill, 2021


Mr Anurag Thakur

Minister of Sports


The bill seeks to create a statutory framework for tackling doping in sports and give greater powers to the NADA (National Anti Doping Agency) in terms of investigation, violations and disciplinary procedures.


Salient Points ()

Prohibition of Doping on Athlete

The bill prohibits athletes, athlete support personnel and other persons from engaging in doping in sport. 

Support Personnel

Support personnel includes the coach, trainer, manager, team staff, medical personnel, and other persons working with or treating or assisting an athlete.

Formation of NADA

The bill proposes to form National Anti-Doping Agency as a body corporate (earlier one is established as a society).

Function of NADA

The  functions of new NADA include:

  • Planning, implementing and monitoring anti-doping activities
  • Investigating anti-doping violations
  • Promoting anti-doping research

Powers of NADA agency

The bill  powers agency to collect  personnel data of athletes like sex, medical history and whereabouts. 

Formation of Board

The bill establishes to form a national anti doping board which will monitor, oversee and give directions to the agency.

The board will also form national anti-doping disciplinary panel for determining consequences and hearing appeals.


  • The previous body NADA had no authority to conduct raids.
  • The current NDTL (National Dope Testing Laboratory) is suspended by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) for failing to meet technical requirements.


Key Stats ()

India's rank in committing doping violations


India’s doping violations cases

Top fields in doping violating sports stats


17 Dec 2021

WHY (as per the govt)

Salient Points ()

It would give more powers of investigation, violations, disciplinary procedures, inspection, sample collection and sharing free flow of information.

It would give legislative backing to anti-doping norms in the country.

It would provide for the establishment of the NDTL (National Dope Testing Laboratory) and other dope testing laboratories.



Videos ()


Doping is the consumption of certain prohibited substances by athletes to enhance performance.


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The National Anti-Doping Bill, 2021

anti doping in sports

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The National Anti-Doping Bill, 2021

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